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Hey Students!

Academic Support Resources


School Counseling Office


Attention CLMS Trojans!  Here in Trojanville, we want everyone to succeed and have the information they need to make life easy.  As School Counselors, we help you build your schedule, explore career choices and help you plan for the future.  If you ever have questions regarding high school classes, scheduling or just want to learn about future careers, we are here to help you plan.

Below are websites that you can explore:

Explore high school and middle school program books. Read and research all the classes available:

2024-2025 FCPS Program of Studies

2024-2025 FCPS Program of Studies

Emotional/Mental Support Resources

Students, you can’t learn when you are stressed, worried or just plain feeling lost.  Your School Counselors are here to help.  We know how DIFFICULT Middle School can be.  We are always here to listen, offer advice and make sure you feel safe and supported.  Check out our Contact US Google form to request an appointment OR visit our Google classrooms for extra link, inspiring quotes or just a place to be mindful and relax.

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