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Hey Parents!

Welcome Trojanville Parents and Guardian,                                                                            

As seasoned parents, your Trojanville School Counselors know how difficult navigating the Middle School years can be.  We want you to know that we are phone call, email or google form away.  We are here to answer questions, help you navigate your students’ classes and provide you with resources should the need arise.

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Here are some helpful resources…

a worried mother does better research than the FBI”

Practicing Optimism

Optimism may be tough to come by right now, but you can encourage it. This short presentation gives you a quick and easy activity to provide the opportunity to develop both optimism and empathy. Try it and see what happens.

Practicing Optimism

The teenage brain

Adolescents go through some very extreme changes.  For some, the transition seems smooth and for others, the transition is a little rocky.  Here is some great information on what is going on developmentally with adolescents:
The Teenage Brain

Rude? Mean? Bullying?

Brain Development