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Student Responsible Use Agreement

Fauquier County Public Schools: Device Use Agreement

You have or will receive access to a Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) device. In order to participate, you and your parents/guardians must read and agree to the terms listed on this form. These terms apply to any device issued to you (including school devices to which you have access). If you or your parents/guardians do not agree, you may use the device in school, but school administrators reserve the right to limit your use of the device.

Students and Parents/Guardians acknowledge that any issued device is and remains the property of FCPS. FCPS is loaning the device to the Student. The Student’s use of the device is a privilege and can be revoked at any time. The Student must return all issued devices, including chargers, to FCPS if the Student withdraws from the school system or immediately upon the request of FCPS. FCPS reserves the right to assess a fee and may also file a report of stolen property with the local law enforcement agency for devices not returned.
Students will adhere to these terms each time the device is used, including when it is not on school property or in school buildings.
Students' use of the device must comply with all applicable School Board Policies and Regulations including the Student Code of Student Conduct (School Board Policy 7-3.1) and the Acceptable Use Policy (School Board Policy 6-3.11). The device is to be used for educational purposes only.
Students have no expectation of privacy in their use of the device. FCPS reserves the right to monitor the Student’s use of the device and to periodically inspect the device and anything stored on it without prior notice.
Students will report to School Personnel any incidents of inappropriate communications transmitted in any form using FCPS owned technology.
Students will not alter, disfigure, or deface the device or adhere stickers or other markings that cannot be completely removed by the Student prior to returning the device. Students will not cover up or remove any manufacturer or FCPS markings, numbers, letters, or insignia.
Students are responsible for the reasonable care of the device. Students agree to transport the device safely at all times. Students should take care not to drop the device, get it wet, leave it outdoors or in extreme weather conditions, or use it near food or drink. Students may clean the device with a soft, dry cloth.
Students may not lend the device to anyone, including friends or siblings.
Students must bring their issued device fully charged to school each day, or charge as directed by staff members..
FCPS will employ security measures designed to function outside of the Division’s network filters. While FCPS uses these technology protection measures to limit access to material considered harmful or inappropriate to students, it may not be possible for the school division to absolutely prevent such access, and the Parent/Guardian should supervise the Student’s use of the device at home.
FCPS issued email accounts should only be used for school purposes.
Devices reported as stolen require that Parents notify police to file a report within 48 hours. A copy of an official police report must be provided to the School Administration.
Students and Parents/Guardians are not to attempt to repair the device. FCPS will manage all device repairs. The Student and/or Parent/Guardian must immediately report to School Personnel any damage to, loss of, or malfunctioning of the device.
Parents/Guardians agree to be responsible for any fees assessed for lost or damaged devices and assigned A/C power adaptors.

Student: I have read, understand, and agree that if I do not honor all the terms in this agreement, I may be denied access to the device and/or subject to disciplinary action, and my FCPS issued mobile device may be confiscated.

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Parent/Guardian: I have read and understand this agreement and give permission for the school to allow my child to use the FCPS issued mobile device under the terms and conditions set forth above.

Parent/guardian name (print)    Parent/guardian signature                Date